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When it comes to decking materials, merbau is one of the finest timbers you can choose. Merbau is a strong tropical hardwood originating from Southeast Asia. It is an excellent choice for decking due to its strength, durability and termite resistance. Merbau boards have a unique grain pattern and a luminous saturated brownish-red color when unsealed. The timber can be stained or oiled to preserve the original color and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Merbau decking is attractive and resistant to fading or rotting with minimal maintenance requirements when installed properly. It is also naturally fire resistant, making it ideal for outdoor entertaining areas in bushfire prone parts of the country. As an added bonus, Merbau decking can last up to twice as long as other decking materials on the market today with proper care and protection.

At Melbourne Floor Specialist, we provide a full range of merbau decking services. From deck construction to deck cleaning, sanding and maintenance, we offer specialist merbau decking services designed to protect the longevity and beauty of your outdoor deck.

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Merbau Decking Construction

If you’re looking to build a new deck, you need a team of expert deck builders that you can trust. We have extensive experience working with merbau and creating stylish and durable decks designed to stand the test of time.

Deck Maintenance & Restoration

If you have an existing merbau deck, you need to provide proper care and maintenance to ensure your deck can withstand the elements. We offer a full range of decking services specifically tailored to merbau timber. These include deck cleaning, sealing and oiling, sanding, repairs and more.

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